Inclusive brand design for a Twitch channel

a laptop showing Linkorep's "starting soon" screen on Twitch

Project overview

Linkorep runs a French Twitch channel, dedicated to fostering an inclusive community of gamers. Seeking assistance in creating overlays for her channel, we embarked on a journey to develop her brand, strategically and visually, while prioritizing inclusive design and accessibility.

Together, we focused on defining her target audience, crafting a unique identity, and designing logos and graphics with accessibility in mind. The collaborative effort resulted in a visually enhanced channel that not only attracted more viewers but also solidified Linkorep's reputation as the sincere host of an inclusive gaming community.

an imac showing light and dark modes screens of Linkorep's Twitch channel as designed in Figma.

The strategy

Linkorep focuses on playing retro and indie games that deserve attention and love. She also plays scary games with her community to help them gather the courage needed to face them (everybody remembers the scene of the library in Harry Potter on PC). 

Additionally, she showcases games made by or for discriminated communities, highlighting inclusivity and representation. Linkorep's channel embodies the 'Innocent' and 'Caring' archetypes, creating an atmosphere of optimism, happiness, and inclusion. It's a place where diverse gaming experiences come together, celebrating the nostalgia of retro games, the excitement of indie gems, and empowering stories from marginalized developers.

This project was done entirely in French which is Linkorep and I's mother tongue. French might sound sexy but it's got its complications, including gendered terms. To make everyone feel included, we put in a lot of effort to avoid using such terms and instead chose neutral language and alternative language constructions. We wanted to ensure that people can feel welcomed and respected regardless of how they identify themselves.

Our aim was to create an inclusive environment where everyone's self-definitions are acknowledged and valued. We are proud of the outcome and have received positive feedback on our commitment to inclusivity. It highlights the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels acknowledged and respected.

Linkorep's brand colours (pastels and gradients) shown on an ipad.

The design

Linkorep's channel has a mix of light and dark modes with gradients. It features rounded shapes and vibrant colours, creating a playful and feel-good brand identity.

The channel's design aims to bring joy and energy, making it welcoming and exciting for viewers. The gradients, along with the rounded shapes and vibrant colours, are the key visual elements that give Linkorep's channel its fun and positive look.

Many Twitch gamers prefer using dark modes, but we wanted to make sure that Linkorep's channel is accessible to everyone. That's why we created both light and dark modes, giving people the choice to use whichever option suits them best. By offering both modes, we aim to be inclusive and cater to different preferences and accessibility needs.

We considered factors like contrast and readability to ensure that both modes are visually pleasing and easy to use for all viewers. The goal is to provide an inclusive experience on Linkorep's channel, allowing everyone to enjoy the content in a way that works for them.

a laptop showing light and dark modes versions of Twitch overlays for Linkorep's channel.
an imac sitting on a desk showing a "be right back" screen for Linkorep's Twitch channel.
Host of a Twitch channel

“I love my new visual identity! I felt really confident with Tamara's guidance through this whole process. It's helped me gain clarity about how I want to project myself on my channel. I also believe that her professional expertise solidified my brand, which has in turn helped me get more sponsors and partners, without sacrificing anything that I care about. Thanks a lot!”

a tv showing a live from Linkorep's channel.

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