I am Tamara, UX designer for people on a mission.
I design ethical websites with a mindful approach.

UX design

Ethical design inspires trust and can be the difference between someone engaging with your mission and forgetting you all together.

With a strong ethical website, you can encourage people to invest their time, money and headspace into supporting the causes you care about.

Whether you're considering a full redesign or a simple optimisation, let’s have a free 15min chat about how we can make your website work for you.

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1:1 support

For indie makers who just need a little push, I offer quick fire 1:1 sessions to help get your product in front of the right people.

During your one-hour session (99€), I’ll share all the suggestions you need to unlock the development of your project. You can ask me about anything, including:

• Brand identity
• Brand awareness
• Website review
• Marketing strategy
• Product launch

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