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I’m Tamara, a freelance UX designer based in France. I craft accessible websites for brands using tech for good.

Design ethics

Accessible design

A great website is designed for all people by default. That means considering people who use assistive technology and being mindful of everyone's ability to process information.

Ethical design

An ethical website prioritises transparency over agenda. It clearly communicates the purpose, benefits and potential risks associated with your site.

Sustainable design

The web isn't green. Reducing how much data we store, how many emails we send, and how heavy our pages are serves people's experience as well as the planet.

Did you know? Accessibility concerns 87 millions of people in the EU. That's 1 in 4 adults.
European Council of the EU (2022)

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Did you know? Just like you don't need to be disabled to enjoy an elevator, digital accessibility benefits us all.
Accessibility for all: why removing barriers benefits us all

About me


With 13 years of experience in the digital industry, I've had the opportunity to explore various roles. My career kicked off in Paris, where I began as a film editor before making my way to London to work in digital marketing. I now operate as a freelance UX designer from a small French town, for European organisations.

I'm also a proud member of Women Make, a community that supports young women entrepreneurs. And I'm involved with Agencies for Good and Dovetail, two networks that connect tech experts with non-profits.


I'm currently dedicated to a full-time project for the next year or so. But I'd be happy to consider smaller consulting gigs, including pro-bono opportunities to support charities or mentoring young designers.

Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss how I can assist you.

(Last updated June 2023)