I am Tamara Sredojevic

(yes, it's a mouthful)

Tamara Sredojevic is a white 30 something woman.

I'm a freelance UX designer specialising in accessibility and neuroinclusive design.

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A great website should be designed for all people, by default. That means considering people using assistive technology and everyone's ability to process information.

Case studies

Shall we?

Digital expertise

With +14 years of experience in the digital industry, I elevate your digital presence by designing accessible solutions. My career kicked off in Paris where I worked as a documentary editor and assistant director. This foundation in storytelling and project management has been invaluable when I transitioned into marketing in London. Today, as a UX designer, I work with product teams to improve accessibility on the Internet.

Do you have a project?

Based in France, I collaborate with English and French speaking teams. I'm happy to chat about:

  • collaborations (hybrid or remote)
  • consulting
  • mentoring
  • speaking (conferences and meetups)
  • dogs

More happy clients and partners

  • L'Oreal professionnel
  • MAIF
  • RATP
  • Antalis
  • ferpection