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The first things to determine are your objectives and your budget. If you’re not sure what your objectives should be, then you need an audit.

I'm not sure I decided to give money to the organisations who most needed it. But on some websites, I faced some obstacles that I couldn't be bothered to overcome.

I see mistakes that are seriously damaging conversion opportunities all the time. But I don't want to just point the obvious. I want to tell you why it matters, how people perceive you and your brand because of them.

Ethical web design inspires trust and can be the difference between someone engaging with your mission and forgetting you all together.


When launching a Twitch channel, you need to define your channel’s personality. It’s not rocket science but it’s important to do things in the right order.

In the last few weeks, a lot of my friends have had to look for a new job. So we talked a lot about CVs, cover letters, personal brand and portfolios.

Case study

How I rebranded RightMarket, redesigned their website and design platform to improve usability and accessibility.

After rebranding the agency, Borago hired me to modernise their website and improve user experience.

If you’ve ever launched a project, you know that the first version of your site is not final — and not only because good design is never finished.

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