Design ethics

Over the years, I developed a UX for good manifesto that guides my design work and who I do business with (clients or partners). If you like the sound of this, hopefully we'll be a good match.

1. Accessibility

A great website is designed for all people by default. It needs to accommodate people using assistive technology, include high contrast and the copy must be written in plain language.

3. Privacy

Even though we may need to track the usage of your site, this can still be done without collecting any personal data, without using cookies and while respecting people’s privacy.

5. Sustainability

The web isn't as green as you think you are. So whenever possible, I keep your digital carbon footprint to a minimum.

7. Impact

I don't keep all the good things for myself. I share why I do things a certain way at all steps of the process. And once your site is ready, you leave with a tutorial doc and a training session to remain autonomous.

2. Ethics

Ethical design inspires trust and can be the difference between someone feeling safe and included, or frustrated and overwhelmed. But it doesn't happen by chance. It's a conscious choice.

4. Safety

The platforms your choose to present your content have an impact on people’s safety. This is why we shouldn’t ask for more information that is absolutely necessary.

6. Accountability

I don’t pretend expertise when I don’t know something. If needed, freelancers I have experience working with may be involved in your project to ensure you've got the best people on our side.

8. Flexibility

If your work focuses on social change, charity work or you want to use tech for good, I’m happy to work around your budget. Simply email me and we’ll see what we can do.

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About me

Office hours

Because I design websites for people on a mission, I care about making their life easier. And I mean all people. People who use assistive technology, people whose first language isn't English, or people who just don't have the time. If you want to learn more about this, you can sign up to my monthly newsletter. I'm also a big fan of collaboration so I’m a member of Women Make, Agencies for Good and Dovetail, as well as the co-founder of Thea, a collective of freelancers.


Surprisingly, I'm French. With Serbian roots, I grew up in an Italian-speaking family before studying and working in the UK. I'm now back to France, which is my current timezone (UTC+1). I guess that makes me a 3rd culture kid with a flair for diversity – and odd spelling. I also have a background in film, a harmless obsession with wolves and a neurodivergent brain. Be prepared for a wild ride!