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(and Pushka*)

Tamara Sredojevic and a Siberian husky named Pushka, hugging each other, smiling.

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I'm a self-taught UX designer with 7 years of experience in design and marketing. I design and build accessible websites on Webflow that meet WCAG standards. I learn about accessibility and ethical design all the time, and like to share my findings in a monthly newsletter. I’m also a founding member of Women Make, a community for indie makers, and the co-founder of Thea, a freelance creative collective.


Surprisingly, I'm French. Despite the Serbian name, I grew up in an Italian-speaking family before moving to the UK – and back to France, which is my current timezone. I guess that makes me a 3rd culture kid who can appreciate the complexity of diversity – and weird spelling. I also have a background in film and a harmless obsession with wolves. Could be because I am neurodivergent. Anyway, be prepared for a fun ride...

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Not an award-winning designer but I collect accessibility course certificates so it's kinda cool too.
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