I care about ethical design, accessibility and inclusion. If we work together, you should know I will bring up those subjects any chance I get.


With over 6 years of experience in design and strategy, I work as a freelance UX designer and brand strategist. I design products and websites providing equal experiences. I’m a founding member of Women Make, a community for indie makers, and the co-founder of Thea, a creative collective. We help progressive businesses break taboo in reproductive health, sustainability and social justice.


Surprisingly, I'm French. I have Serbian roots but I grew up in an Italian speaking family before moving to the UK. So I'm a 3rd culture kid who appreciates the complexity of diversity – and weird spelling. I'm always on the hunt for great dumplings and bubble tea with tapioca pearls (not the disgusting jelly things). I'm also hanging out with a Siberian husky who likes to sing during meetings. So I hope you like dogs.


Tamara & Pushka the husky
Denise McQuaid

Denise McQuaid, CEO of GoBeyond

Tamara is an incredibly dedicated professional who brings innovation, creativity, and a problem-solving attitude to every situation that she encounters. She has endless energy, passion and drive for every project presented to her and she manages projects with a calm, confident manner. She is supportive, strategic, full of ideas and works at an amazing speed. Tamara’s best attributes, in my mind, are her work ethic and creativity - she gets the job done well but with added flair. She is a true asset to any team or business.

John Murphy

John Murphy, MD of RightMarket

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tamara. Strong and positive guidance focused on identifying shared team values, leading to a clearly defined brand. I was highly impressed with how her process got every one of us engaged and onside. Excellent contrarian, positively challenging the status quo, often keeping us on track. Guidance and mentorship to several colleagues who were at the early stages of their careers and always looking to help where she could. I believe she has been the catalyst that will enable our business to transform our thinking and our product.

Emma Haslam

Emma Haslam, Founder of Borago Insights

Tamara played an integral role in my company's re-brand, collaborating regularly with myself and other third parties involved. Tamara is easy to work with, she comes up with great ideas while also listening to the input from the rest of the team, it was very much a partnership. I will definitely be working with Tamara again when it's time for our phase 2.

Kelly Newton

Kelly Newton, Founder of BP3 Underwear

I needed help to review my website and see how the user journey could be improved. Tamara was recommended to me to run a UX audit report to show me what and why things needed changing. She also made suggestions that I could easily implement with my team. I found her report to be easy to read and to understand and it was really helpful to have a call to go over everything. I can highly recommend Tamara.

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