Ethical design inspires trust and can be the difference between someone engaging with your mission and forgetting you all together.

UX Design

UX Design for Charities & Humanitarian Organisations

Your website can do better

With a strong ethical website, you can encourage people to invest their time, money and headspace into supporting the causes you care about. 

Whether you're considering a full redesign or a simple optimisation, let’s chat about how we can make your website work for you.

It'll also be a great opportunity for you to find out I've got a French accent.

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How it works

First, I need to know the exciting stuff - your values, your goals and the less exciting stuff - your budget and current tools. This will help me create a bespoke quote and proposal for you.

When we start working together, I’ll identify what is working and what needs fixing with your website. 

After that, I can start working on your design. You’ll be kept in the loop with regular check ups and the project can develop until you’re happy with your new site.

Emma Haslam from Borago Insights

Emma Haslam

Founder & Head of Brand and Vision at Borago Insights

Tamara played an integral role in my company's re-brand, collaborating regularly with myself and other third parties involved. Tamara is easy to work with, she comes up with great ideas while also listening to the input from the rest of the team, it was very much a partnership. I will definitely be working with Tamara again when it's time for our phase 2.


Consulting for indie makers doing tech for good

Your product deserves attention

You’ve created a product that’s going to make the world a better place - but what now?

To have real impact you need people to engage with what you’ve built - and that means increasing your visibility. Tech for good can only do good if people are using it, right? 

I offer quick fire consulting sessions to help get your product in front of the right people.

We can cover anything from reinforcing your brand awareness to building strong marketing strategies and of course,  designing foolproof UX for your website.

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Women Make founding members get a 20% discount.

How it works

Once I’ve received your session payment (149€), I’ll be in touch to set a date with you. I’ll also email you some questions about your product, your audience and what you struggle with - so we can make the most of our time together.

During your one-hour consulting session, I’ll share all the suggestions you need to unlock the development of your project. That can cover marketing, branding or UX. And of course, that's when you can ask as many questions as you need to.

After our session you can implement my suggested changes and I’ll be on hand to check the progress you've made. I’ll also send a quick email with additional advice so you’re ready to go public with your new, improved business.

Danielle Johnson from Squarecat

Danielle Johnson

Co-Founder at Squarecat

Tamara helped me improve the user journey and drive more conversions from my landing page. A joy to work with, she is passionate, efficient and determined.

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