Creating an inclusive brand strategy and accessible visual identity on a gaming Twitch channel for Linkorep.

Brand design

Linkorep has a Twitch channel that focuses on creating an inclusive and kind community of gamers. Linkorep also happens to be my sister. She told me she needed help to create the overlays for her channel, so I made her go through the whole process of creating a brand, strategically and visually.


I knew nothing about Twitch before working on this project so that was a fun introduction to the platform. I also learnt a lot about the habits and expectations of Twitch users, which are quite different from other web standards.

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Linkorep's live on Twitch.

Image description: Linkorep is live on Twitch, holding a Harry Potter mug and smiling to the camera. The chat is full of people talking to each other, commenting the stream.

Inclusive brand strategy on Twitch

Linkorep plays retro and indie games that deserve some love and attention. She also plays scary games with her community so they can build up the courage needed to go through them. Finally, she likes to present games made by/for discriminated people. Linkorep's channel is a combination of the Innocent and the Caring archetypes. It's all about optimism, happiness and inclusion.

Accessible overlays on Twitch

Linkorep's channel is made of gradients in both light and dark modes. With rounded shapes and vibrant colours, we get a playful and feel-good brand identity.

Linkorep's stream ended message

Image description: Message when Linkorep's stream has ended. The message reads in French "Linkorep is having a break. Take advantage of the break to eat a fruit. I'll see you soon.". It's got a dark blue and orange gradient background colour, and a black and white picture of Linkorep in the middle.

Inclusive language on Twitch

This project was entirely made in French, which is a gendered language. For this reason, we worked hard to avoid any such terms and prefer a neutral vocabulary where everyone can feel included, however they choose to define themselves.

Accessible design for gamers

Gamers on Twitch tend to prefer dark modes. But for accessibility purposes, I created both a light and a dark mode so that people can choose what works best for them directly on Linkorep's channel.

Linkorep's live on Twitch with another young woman.

Image description: Linkorep playing video games on her Twitch channel with another young woman.